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Think Big Act Small with Tristan White

Dec 17, 2018

"What's the biggest lesson you've learned from being a leader?"

This is the question I ask all my guests on Think Big, Act Small and it features throughout our season finale of the podcast.

This is a Season 1 wrap up episode, loaded with highlights from our first 11 guests:

  • Dr Glen Richards (Shark Tank Australia)
  • Jack Delosa (founder, The Entourage)
  • Ben Hosking (my longtime mentor)
  • Emma Isaacs (founder, Business Chicks)
  • Cameron Schwab (founder/speaker/mentor at designCEO)
  • Paul Roos (AFL legend and media commentator)
  • Shayne Elliott (Group CEO of the ANZ Bank)
  • Cameron Herold (entrepreneur/author/coach)
  • Carolyn Creswell (founder, Carman's Kitchen)
  • Jay Baer (best-selling author and founder, Convince & Convert)
  • Janine Allis (founder, Boost Juice)

If you only listen to one episode of Think Big, Act Small, this is the one!