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Think Big Act Small with Tristan White

Jan 12, 2021

As a treat to ease into 2021, we're kicking off with a throwback episode - throwing all the way back to Episode 5!

I'm excited to revisit my chat with Emma Isaacs, the founder and global CEO of Business Chicks and author of Winging It. If you're new to the podcast, you're in for a treat; and if you've been on the journey since Episode 5, you'll enjoy revisiting the many gems in this episode.

Emma is passionate about encouraging women to be bold, courageous and to take risks. And she practices what she preaches: she founded a recruitment business at just 18 years of age; she founded and grew Business Chicks into Australia's largest and most influential community for women; and in 2016 she packed up her young family of 5 kids (now 6!) to set up Business Chicks USA in California.

Her story is an inspiring one!

Happy New Year!


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