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Think Big Act Small with Tristan White

Dec 24, 2019

To round out Season 2, here's a collection of answers to the first question I've asked all the guests on our interview-style episodes: What's a big lesson you've learned from serving others?

The list of guests and the episode they appeared on is included below if you want to revisit the full episode.

014: Chris Ducker – Business Mentor & Founder of

015: David Meerman Scott – Speaker, Blogger & author of 10 books

016: Verne Harnish – Author of ‘Scaling Up’

017: Brian Scudamore – Founder, 1800 Got Junk

019: Mark Middleton – Global CEO, Icon Group

020: Kevin Lawrence – Coach, author, speaker, lifelong learner

021: Brian Goulet – founder of Goulet Pen Company

023: Jules Lund – media personality and founder of TRIBE

024: Claude Silver – Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

026: Cathie Reid – Co-founder, Icon Group

028: Nick Sinclair – Founder, The Outsourced Accountant

030: Sel Watts – founder, Wattsnext

032: Lisa Messenger – Founder & CEO, Collective Hub

034: Ross Tomkins – Therapy Direct Health Care

036: Xavier Duursma – Professional AFL footballer

038: Brad Giles – Leader, Coach & Author of 'Made To Thrive'

Enjoy :)


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