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Think Big Act Small

Jul 15, 2021

Culture is a critical part of growing a strong, purposeful business. Cash, on the other hand, is our oxygen. Without cash, we’ll soon be out of business.

Today’s interview with Greg Crabtree explores the important leadership skill of managing cash and profitability in our business.

Greg is an accountant, a small business expert and the author of two books to help entrepreneurs run more sustainable businesses.

Greg’s approach to helping business owners understand the numbers in a simple way gives us the certainty and confidence to build businesses that are rewarding to own and attractive to potential buyers.

In the interview, Greg and I cover his personal and professional story along with a handful of practical tools and ideas from his first book, Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits.


For a short 5-min video overview of Greg's 4-part approach, head over to the Think Big Act Small Podcast Crew group on Facebook

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