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Think Big Act Small

May 29, 2019

Jules Lund is a star of Australian TV and radio who is now the leader of a fast-growth tech company.

In 2015 Jules founded TRIBE, a self-serve online marketplace connecting brands with influencers. TRIBE now has offices in four countries and a team of about 70.

Jules shares his challenges evolving from a high-achieving...

May 22, 2019

This short solo episode looks at how to best use a core purpose as one of the foundations of a strong culture, so you can create a truly great place to work.

Building on episode 18, this episode focuses on step 2 of the Culture Is Everything Checklist: Can every team member recite your core purpose?

The culture in your...

May 15, 2019

Brian is the founder and CEO of The Goulet Pen Company, which has grown from two people (Brian and his wife) to a 40-person team that sells and distributes fountain pens all over the US.

Brian believes it’s all about people, and that ‘to be unclear is to be unkind’; therefore leaders need to first be clear in our...

May 1, 2019

Kevin Lawrence is the author of 'Your oxygen mask first', which helps high achievers to survive and thrive in leadership and life.

In this episode we discuss practical habits from the book including: the skill of not letting other people’s problems become your own; the idea that the best thing any leader can do is to...